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UHP Solutions

Tube - Pipe Cleaning

Over time tube and heat exchangers becomes extremely scaled and corroded significantly reducing their efficiency. On a reasonably often basis these tubes need to be internally inspected and repairs carried out.

Tube and Pipe Cleaning - UHP Water
UHP solutions offer internal tube cleaning with the use of UHP water to 40,000psi. This type of cleaning results in the tube been clean and de-scaled to a very high standard. All deterioration of tubes can easily be detected as the high pressure water exposes and removes corrosion, erosion, scale, wear, pitting and cracking.

This technology can also be utilised for the removal of grout inside drill strings. The rotating nozzle is placed inside the string and the water pressure/volume rotates the nozzle to over 3000rpm. The water leaves the nozzle via small sapphires and removes the internal product.

Cleaning is considered a critical factor in plant turnarounds and tube and heat exchangers are a huge part of that. Our company offers top class UHP water technology and experienced operators too realistically and cost effectively harness the cleaning side of this type of equipment