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UHP Solutions

Rubber Removal Using High Pressure Water Jetting

UHP Solutions offer rubber lining and urethane removal as a part of our services. Rubber is removed with the use of UHP water at pressures of 30,000-36,000psi, The water jet has no problem cutting through rubber of 20mm plus and all glue/adhesive residue is removed during the one process.

UHP water easily removes urethane products from most surfaces. With as many jets as 8 in one rotating head combination these products are removed with minimal downtime and cost leaving a (class 2.5) surface preparation condition considered second to none.

With our extremely wide rage of tool accessories we have little hassle dealing with almost any obstruction such as roof, wall and floor girders and stringers. Our specialised tooling allows our operators to remove product from behind these difficult to reach areas that can not be seen and there for commonly missed or left to more conventional means such as hand tools.

Our UHP water technology and experience also allows us to easily remove rubber and residue build up from air port runways, roads and traffic light stopping areas with no damage to the existing surface. Fact is that after these areas have been UHP water treated the surface has superior friction values, meaning the tyre receives a better surface contact resulting in better stopping performance and there for safety is improved dramatically.