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UHP Solutions

Paint and Surface Preparation

With poor surface preparation the expected design life of any coating will be significantly reduced. The demand for maintenance free protective coatings and low environmental impact paint removal technology are challenging a wide range of industries.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to good surface preparation and sometimes the higher costs associated with preparation are becoming insignificant stacked up against premature coating failure due to cheaper preparation techniques.

UHP water penetrates the oxide at the point of origin and lifts the cancer out of the profile but also decontaminates the surface of grease, oil and most importantly chlorides(salts) leaving a rust and contaminate free surface ready for paint application.

When comparing UHP water with dry abrasive blasting a number of factors need to be taken into consideration:

Abrasive Blasting Dry Abrasive Blasting:

  • Will key a surface (profile) for paint adhesion. This applies to new steel
  • Can be more cost effective
  • Can have expensive cleanup cost
  • Produces large volumes dust (and sometimes require habitats)
  • Will not remove all oxides
  • Will not remove contaminates
  • Can damage existing profile and entrap contaminants
Water Jet Blasting UHP Water:

  • Will not key a surface (profile) for paint adhesion. This applies to new steel.
  • May be less cost effective
  • Will expose original surface key (profile)
  • Will not have expensive cleanup costs
  • Will not produce dust
  • Will remove all oxides
  • Will remove all contaminates
  • Will not damage existing profile or entrap contaminants