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CNC Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

Abrasive water jet has the ability to offer flexibility and versatility in manufacturing and provides more cutting possibilities. Simply put, water jet is by far, the most flexible and desirable technology on the market today and delivers results with amazing reliability.

In a comparison to other cutting methods verses water jet, findings are that due to the cold nature of water, heat affected zones are none existent. As the water jet is at a very cool temperature, hazardous gases from the materials being cut are eliminated there by significantly reducing the toxic risk to the CNC operators. These advantages cannot be claimed from other technologies

Water jet technology can also claim the ability to cut almost any material with high accuracy and minimal waste. The jet can perforate material without starting holes and no special chemicals or treatments are needed during the process.

Micro structure of materials such as rubber and plastics remain unchanged after the water jet cutting process and the need to remove product from the edges for welding purposes are not required therefore savings on materials and time management are achieved. Similar savings can be made with materials such as stainless steel and aluminium as the water jet leaves the material free of burs and rough edges there for after cut requirements are eliminated.