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UHP Solutions

Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

UHP Solutions specialize in abrasive water jet technology. Our field operations are fast becoming recognized for our ability to provide solutions to a number of different clients such as Chevron Australia, Santos Oils Australia PTTEP to name a few.

An abrasive water jet entrainment system mixes the abrasive with the water jet in a mixing chamber just after the nozzle. In most systems being built today, a venturi effect is utilized to pull the abrasive into the water jet. The abrasive particles are accelerated into the stream and then with the stream out the focusing tube.

UHP are proud to be awarded the 2007 Directors EHS Award for Best Health and Safety Project or Innovation from Santos Oils Australia. The award was won for our development and utilization of abrasive water jet technology for field work in the Cooper basin South Australia over the past four years.

UHP Solutions pride ourselves in the ability to find solutions for complicated problems. With waters ability to be flexible and to minimize hazardous problems such as ignition sources there is still a lot of problems out there that could use the ability of water as a solution. It's only up to ones imagination?